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where you can compare features and prices on easy to use, basic mobiles for those who want a simple phone that just makes calls, sends texts and has a long, long battery life. Below you can find links to some popular ways to bundle a simple phone, such as free line rental deals and gifts, and a phone selector to help you find the right one for you.

Popular Offers

Phone with Free TV

We should say 'included' as you pay for it gradually, but it's a good way to get a new TV if you happen to want a new phone too - see all the simple phones with TVs here.

Free Line Rental

These deals use redemption cashback to refund you some or all of the line rental you pay over the contract - can be really good deals if you can remember to send in your bills every 3 months.

SIM Only

You may already have a phone or be looking at a SIM free simple phone - a SIM only deal from one of the networks will combine nicely with your phone to give you good value for money.

Make It Simple!

Confused about mobiles?

This site is not just about simple phones, it's about making phones simple too. So if there's something about getting a new phone you don't understand (even all of it) visit the Buying Tips page and we've got the answer for you.

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Pick of the Simple Phones

Most popular simple mobile

Samsung E1200

The simplest phone we've seen for some time, the Samsung E1200 is available on regular contract deals, 24 month free line rental deals by redemption and deals where a high value gift like an iPod is combined with the phone.

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Phone Selector

Choose from a list of easy-to-use phones.

Visit this page to see the simple phones available, listed alphabetically by manufacturer - after you've chosen a phone click through to see the best deals on it.

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Why Simple Phones?

You may be asking why compare simple phones when these days it's all about smart phones like the iPhone and all its Android competitors? Well, there are still a lot of people in the UK who want a phone to be just a phone, that is to make calls, send texts and give you the other very basic features like clock, alarm, maybe a camera. The reasons for this are numerous...

  • • Some people just aren't interested in web and email at all and certainly not on their phone.
  • • Others may have an iPad or similar tablet that they almost always have with them, so why not have a phone that just makes calls and doesn't need recharging every night and do all the clever stuff on the tablet?
  • • A lot of people have 2 or more mobiles - if you have a smart phone as your personal mobile you may as well have a really simple one for the extra work number, for example, as it's cheaper and (yes, that again) the battery lasts longer.